Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is critical in the first three years of a child’s life. Our high-quality programs prepare children for future school success.

Breaking the Cycle

It’s the core of our mission. We believe early childhood education coupled with innovative family and community programs break the cycle of poverty.

Family Advancement

Families in our early childhood program have access to workforce and education training, parent socializations and benefit screenings.


Parent educators bring high-quality early childhood education into the home, showing parents how to be their child’s first teacher.


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Improving outcomes for families

The blog New America Ed Central highlighted the Foundation for Child Development report by Donald Hernandez and Jeffrey Napierala, whose findings supports research that less maternal education is associated with higher levels of poverty. The article holds up recent attention to Head Start as a model, as well as mentioning the dual-generation work done by us with programs like CareerAdvance.

To read the article: http://www.edcentral.org/can-head-start-improve-education-outcomesfor-parents/

Dual-generation education factor in success

“You can’t keep putting a Band-Aid on one part of the equation.” It’s a driving point behind dual-generation programs that focus to improve economic outcomes for children and their families.

The Washington Post takes a look at a charter school in Washington D.C. that is educating parents along side their children. The article holds the work we are doing with CareerAdvance® …

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CareerAdvance in Foundation for Child Development report

CAP Tulsa’s CareerAdvance® program was recently featured in a Foundation for Child Development report about dual-generation programs offering increased opportunities for families. The goal of a dual-generation strategy is to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by providing families with education, workforce training, and related support services that move these families toward economic security and stability. It recognizes CareerAdvance® as …

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SummerU Volunteer Opportunities


Summer University (SummerU) is our eight week summer program for children enrolled at our early childhood education sites.  SummerU takes place June 16 – August 6. It’s designed to function like a summer camp, so children and staff have FUN and explore new things while learning during the summer months. …

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